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Going on Vacation? Check Your Insurance Policy

What your insurer might not tell you!

So, you are finally ready to go. Your bags are all packed, and finally, it’s time to head off for a special vacation.

Taking time to unwind might be awesome, but in terms of your insurance policy, it can cause a few complications. Most people aren’t aware of it, but the majority of insurers require certain things of their customers, if they leave their homes for longer than four days.

Types of damage

For instance, some insurers might not cover damage related to water or plumbing, if you have been away for extended consecutive periods. Insurance companies will also require you to arrange a person you trust (or even better, a qualified professional with appropriate insurance) to regularly maintain your heating, as well as making sure to shut off the water and drain the pipes, and any water container.

What insurers don’t tell youprotected home while on vacation

To put it simply, insurers think that a property that’s unattended for several days might be more prone to damage or issues. For this reason, they want to protect themselves with similar clauses. If you are around, or someone you trust is attending the home, it is easier to deal with the situation earlier. On the other hand, things might go out of hand quickly without someone checking, resulting in further damage, and therefore, higher potential costs for an insurer.

What if you left the lights on? Are the heaters off? Is the wi-fi still going? Simply living a switch on might seem like a little after-thought, but the reality is that it could end up costing quite a lot of money if you leave for extended periods. Even worse, it could cause accidents and damage property and people!  Chances are, your insurance might not cover such situations if you leave for extended periods without taking the right precautions or having someone check on your property.

Having a person check things out can prevent such issues from happening, and give you the peace of mind that you deserve while you are away!

In conclusion, having someone check on your place is the best way to make sure you can focus on your time away, whether it’s for professional or leisure purposes. This is the best choice for the safety of your home, and to reap the benefits of your insurance policy.

If you’re planning a getaway – peace of mind is just a call away!