Personal and Corporate Concierge Service

image of money and pocketwatchImagine if you suddenly found you had some free time. What would you do? Would you simply just relax and take some time for yourself? Perhaps get in touch with a friend you haven’t talked to in ages or spend that time with your children, spouse or parents?

From the aging parents, single mothers’ and fathers’ who value time with their children, to the double income parents who are juggling careers and families, today’s fast paced “non-stop” culture needs services to improve quality personal time.

Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. is an exciting new personal and corporate concierge service that was created to assist in easing the pressures associated with time management. Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. offers a wealth of time saving concierge services that will help you obtain a more balanced life and focus on what is truly important to you!

Why use a Concierge Service?

to do list on a napkinErrands, grocery shopping, house sitting, car appointments and general help in the home environment are all tasks that consume time and add pressures to our already hectic and fast paced lives. Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. alleviates those pressures and gives you back that coveted time. Time is a luxury we sell!

We have a wide network of well-established and trusted sources to provide you with almost any concierge service you can dream up.

Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. is fully insured and is strategically located in Newmarket, Ontario, enabling us to serve Toronto, the GTA and our beautiful cottage country.

“Through Integrity and Unrelenting Superior Customer Service, Silver Fox Concierge Ltd provides Clients the luxury of time”