Corporate Concierge Services

Silver Fox Concierge Services Ltd. is launching a Small Business support system to encompass a wide variety of corporate concierge service options!


Business Liason

We offer support services to you and your small business while you travel for work or pleasure. Do you ever worry about your business while you’re away and find it hard to relax? Your business is in good hands with Silver Fox Concierge.

Thank you again Michael for everything! The peace of mind, the reliability and the great care you took of our commercial property while we were visiting our family for the holidays! We are so grateful to know we can count on you and are very much looking forward to hiring your services again. Thanks for going the extra mile for us. – J & W. East Gwillimbury

Car Services

As a leader of your team, you have a very tight deliverable that is requiring some of your employees to work evenings and weekends for the next 2 weeks in order to meet that deliverable.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your employees show up for work rested, relaxed and stress free?

Imagine if they could have their car picked up from their place of work and brought in for repair, while they focus on their job.

Gift Certificates

Consider the impact to these dedicated and committed employees if you were to pat them on the back, thank them and give them a Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. gift certificate! That small gesture of appreciation will motivate and enable your employees to focus more on the task at hand because they know that Silver Fox Concierge LTD. is looking after the responsibilities that have been piling up and balance is being restored.

A Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. gift certificate is a small investment that leaves a powerful and long lasting impression.

If you can imagine it, Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. can most likely make it happen, it’s about time you give Silver Fox Concierge Ltd. a call to see how we can help you streamline your business by offering your stressed out employees a solution to help achieve a sense of balance in their hectic lives.

Partner with us for your corporate concierge services to build loyalty, retention and most importantly a happy, motivated and balanced workforce.