Going on Vacation? Check Your Insurance Policy

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What your insurer might not tell you! So, you are finally ready to go. Your bags are all packed, and finally, it’s time to head off for a special vacation. Taking time to unwind might be awesome, but in terms of your insurance policy, it can cause a few complications. Most people aren’t aware of it, … Read more

5 Good Reasons a Self-Employed Professional Should Take Vacation

So you think you’re not justified in taking time away from your business because you’re self-employed? Here are five great reasons why you should definitely take a vacation:   Physical down time You work hard to grow and maintain your business. Trying to be superhuman will certainly take its toll if you allow it to. Give … Read more

Time Management Tips to Make You More Productive

  I am sure you agree that today everyone is constantly busy with work, family and other responsibilities. It is vital that we get as much done in the shortest time possible, otherwise we just can’t fit everything in to our schedules. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we can do our tasks badly. In … Read more

Oh Fall! Why are you so beautiful but so much work?

I am writing this during what has been an absolutely beautiful summer like week that we have all just experienced. Amazing, glorious and appreciated for the middle of September. And as much as I am enjoying it, I cannot avoid the reality that Fall is nearly upon us as the daylight grows shorter and shorter … Read more

Has Being Busy Ruined Your View?

My very first blog! And what an excellent opportunity to introduce myself and share a story that happened just a few days ago. I am happily married with our 30th wedding anniversary coming in November. In 1988 we moved to Newmarket and have been here ever since. We have been blessed with a son and … Read more